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Creative Writing Workshop by Faraaz Kazi

Join us for the HBB Creative Writing Workshop by Faraaz Kazi to learn the art of powerful observation and its effect on the narrative.
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15 May 2017
The Hindi version of ‘More Than Just Friends’ is out now on the @juggernaut.in app.
And the icing on the cake- it’s available for free for a limited time!
दोस्त से कहीं बढ़कर –http://bit.ly/MTJFHindi
More Than Just Friends in Hindi


17 April 2017
Faraaz Kazi is going to hold a Creative Writing Workshop on behalf of Half Baked Beans in Mumbai on 29th of April, 2017. Mark your calendars, Mumbaikars!

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11 March 2017
Post dinner and dessert, comes a compulsory photo session.
Faraaz Kazi and ...

6 March 2017
Gotta keep your Monday game going strong.
photo of stuck in traffic Faraaz Kazi


21 February 2017
Voting done. Now back to work. Hope every responsible Mumbaikar will vote today.
photo of voting done


Memories from 20 February 2014 / Been three years ago … time flies.
The Mumbai grand launch of The Other Side being talked about in the December issue of GR8 magazine!
Pic courtesy: Abhinav Chhabra
The Other Side with Vikram Bhatt


15 February 2017
What being a bestselling writer feels like.
photo of The Bestseller Faraaz Kazi


Memories from 11 February 2013: 4 years since the NDYFA national award.
Was waiting for the news to be confirmed and hence, didn’t announce it earlier.
Out of over 1600 Indian books submitted in the published category, ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ made it to the top 10 (short-list) and eventually went on to win the ‘National Debut Youth Fiction Award (NDYFA)’- my second national award in 2013! Here’s a peek at the nomination certificate collected by the publisher!

photo of nomination certificate National Debut Youth Fiction Award


6 February 2017

If you fell down once, why did you pick yourself up?
Here’s why I picked myself up:

I come from a family of people with conventional careers. I am the only child of my parents and while growing up, always had the burden of expectations to perform and excel in every field. Fortunately, I developed an early inclination towards reading and that got me pretty far in life. Thanks to reading, I excelled in my academics and developed a sharp mind.

However, reading a lot in my childhood days also made me want to write. I wrote my first book at the age of seven and never looked back since then. I kept writing and kept improving. Reading anything that I could lay my hands on, made sure of that. My family didn’t pay much attention to it as long as I attended my classes and topped every year. I still don’t recollect how the thought came but one day when I had finished writing my first non fiction book which dealt with life from a teenager’s point of view, I had this idea to get it published. It was a different kind of work and not the kind that I had seen a lot. So I went ahead and told my family of my intentions, requesting for guidance because I had no clue how to go about doing it. I was only 13 and internet wasn’t common back then.

My parents told me that this is not the age to do what I am doing and my focus should only be on my board exams that were two years from then. I didn’t really have many friends who could help me with this decision, so I decided to take it up on myself. One evening while returning from a school field trip, I chanced upon a printing press in the neighbouring area. I walked inside confidently and approached the first guy my eyes could see- a dark burly fellow wearing a striped tee.

“What do you want, kid?” he asked me in a gruff tone.

“I have written a book. I want to get it published. Do you guys do it here?” I asked, making sure my smile hid my anxiety… read more


5 February 2017

Faraaz Kazi: The cover reveal of the ‘Have a safe journey’ anthology

by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Anand Mahindra and Tuhin A. Sinha. The stories have been co-judged by me. Do grab a copy once the book is out!

Tuhin A. Sinha: A memorable moment in the roadsafety movement in India when the first look of Have A Save Journey, the world’s first collection of short stories on Road Safety was unveiled by Shri Nitin Gadkari and Shri Anand Mahindra on 3Feb. Literature plays a big part in influencing young minds and we hope that this initiative would start a new trend. The project was conceived and executed by NHP Centre. It was facilitated and creatively supervised by yours truly. It was sponsored by Mahindra Trucks & Buses Ltd while Amaryllis is publishing the book.

worlds first collection of short stories on Road Safety


5 February 2017
One from Delhi.
Faraaz Kazi with cup from Delhi


4 February 2017
The first look of the ‘Have a safe journey’ anthology.
photo of cover of 'Have a safe journey' anthology


3 February 2017
Faraaz Kazi checked in to Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 / New Delhi, India:    Issue Road Safety

For the Mahindra Transport Excellence awards where the ‘Have a safe journey’ anthology (co-judged by yours truly) will be launched this evening.


2 February 2017
A colorful peahen.
photo of a colourful peahen


1 February 2017
This guy knows where to look when someone’s clicking him.
monkey on a tree watching


31 January 2017
Guess what?
Guess what


29 January 2017
Monkey ke bhi aagey monkey, monkey ke bhi piche monkey. Aagey monkey, piche monkey… bolo kitne monkey?
photo of monkeys crossing


26 January 2017
Happy Republic Day!
To the spirit of democracy within all of us, happy republic day.
To the spirit of democracy within all of us, happy republic day.


25 January 2017
Captured this long tailed shrike that never got tired of posing for us.
photo of shrike


22 January 2017
Mornings bring out the best of poses.
photo of Faraaz Kazi - mornings bring out the best of poses


19 January 2017
Riding this mini beast.
photo of Faraaz Kazi riding this mini beast


13 January 2017
Swaying with the jumbos.
photo of Faraaz Kazi and the Jumbos


09 January 2017
A refreshing walk in the jungle.
At Jim Corbett National Park


05 January 2017
‘Your definition of love makes me puke!’
My article on the Stay Uncle blog.


1 January 2017

Happy New Year!

2016 was the most memorable year of my life. Learned a lot and took some big steps that shaped me better and made me stronger.
Hoping for an even better 2017, not just for me but for everyone.
Happy New Year!

26 December 2016
When in doubt, pull out the whites!
photo of Faraaz Kazi - Mumbai


26 December 2016
Tired of captions.
Tired of captions - Faraaz Kazi


22 December 2016
Amongst the 30 most downloaded books of 2016 on Juggernaut!
More Than Just
More Than Just Friends - Juggernaut


18 December 2016
Featured in the ‘Best of 2016’ list on Juggernaut Books.
Get your copy of ‘More Than Just Friends’ at http://bit.ly/MTJFbyFK
More Than Just Friends Ranking


12 December 2016

Guess what’s releasing in a couple of days?
Be prepared to witness the 14 shades of LOVE.
Presenting the cover of the next book. Releasing soon!

Cover of 14 Shades of Love by Faraaz Kazi

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!

Happy Valentines Day !!!

I write about love and love writes about me.
I flow in love and love flows in me.

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!

LOVE releases today. Go grab a copy for your loved ones- http://www.flipkart.com/love-lots-volatile-emotions-english/

Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: contact@faraazkazi.com or on the “contact” – part of his website www.faraazkazi.com.

The Lucknow Literature Carnival

Faraaz Kazi Lucknow Literature Carnival

At Lucknow Literature Carnival, discussion on New Age writing, with Brijesh Singh, Ajay Pandey, Tuhin A. Sinha and Faraaz Kazi.

Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: contact@faraazkazi.com or on the “contact” – part of his website www.faraazkazi.com.

Faraaz Kazi: Truly, Madly, Deeply


Faraaz Kazi: Truly, Madly, Deeply – A Novel

Novel By Faraaz Kazi Truly, Madly, Deeply

Because sometimes people actually do feel that way. Sometimes you feel like it’s caving in on you.
Sometimes people really do feel like they don’t want to exist,
Something like they want to curl up in a ball and drift into that place between life and death saying ‘I don’t want to exist.’
No, it is not the same as ‘I want to die’.
It’s just saying ‘For the time being, I wish I could go somewhere and not have to feel.’
No stupid, there is nothing wrong in that, perhaps you won’t understand because you haven’t walked my path…
And if you don’t know how it feels this way, then you have no right to judge someone who does!

Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: contact@faraazkazi.com or on the “contact” – part of his website www.faraazkazi.com.

Review Of The Other Side


“Some of the stories will leave the reader in a daze, others will have him/her stupefied while the rest will have him/her cringing in horror”- The Assam Tribune on ‪‎TheOtherSide‬ .


Get a copy with free shipping and CoD here: http://www.flipkart.com/other-side-english/p/itm9789350880760?pid=9789350880760

Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: contact@faraazkazi.com or on the “contact” – part of his website www.faraazkazi.com.

Three Years Back

Three years back on this day, I had my first book launch in the middle of a crowd that turned up to support an author who was no one till a day before.


Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: contact@faraazkazi.com or on the “contact” – part of his website www.faraazkazi.com.

The Amazon India Blog

On the Amazon India blog- http://blog.amazon.in/post/Tx3R22II6L29P5O/Author-Faraaz-Kazi-on-quot-The-Other-Side-quot

Faraaz Kazi

Faraaz Kazi on his book “The Other Side”

Faraaz Kazi, author of horror novels ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ and ‘The Other Side’, is definitely carving out a niche for himself at a time when most Indian authors are venturing into the sea of Romance fiction. Here’s a guest post by the man himself, on the how of writing, choosing to write on Horror and much more…

Shifting from romance to horror is not that difficult knowing that this is how it generally goes with life these days. Still you don’t get the idea of writing India’s biggest attempt in commercial horror literature simply by scratching your head while being seated on the pot, neither do you get it while being sprawled about in the bath tub awaiting the ‘Eureka’ moment and at the other end nor do you get it while roaming deserted streets at night searching for that elusive ‘woman in a white sari’.

The idea of ‘The Other Side’ just happened to come after the realization dawned that there was a huge market for horror that hadn’t yet being explored by Indian writers even though the success of writers like Stephen King and Dean Koontz in India was right there for everyone to see. And this despite the fact that our country perhaps has the richest tradition of folklore and mythology deeply ingrained into its roots. Wherever you go, be it a metro city or some godforsaken village surrounded by the jungle, you will almost always encounter a tale or two of the legend surrounding the place; it may be an abandoned factory, an unused well, the tree that you are not supposed to pass beneath after dusk, the ground you are not supposed to play on, the shortcut you are not supposed to take on moonless nights and so many other nitty-gritties that fascinate and imbibe the strongest emotion of all in your heart- fear. Fear of the unknown!

The Other Side by Faraaz Kazi and Vivek BanerjeeIt’s not the darkness that we fear but it’s the human inability to see in the dark that renders us helpless. We don’t trust our senses but rather choose to go with the nagging doubt that is eating the back of our minds and that is what exactly causes the fear of the unknown. Fear isn’t just limited to ghosts, spirits, witches and demons. Your daughter not showing up at home at night when her phone is unreachable is as good a fear as any. Hearing something fall in the kitchen at night and refusing to get up and investigate is a strong enough case for your knees to go weak. Seeing a body draped in a white sheet, imagining it could have been you can also cause you to perspire a couple of dozen beads. The bravest of the brave have their own fears to deal with and the sooner we acknowledge our fears, the better it is for us and those around.

It is this fear, the fear of the unknown that ‘The Other Side’ talks about. With thirteen stories that shock, surprise, scare and smolder the reader’s senses, the book is a one of a kind attempt in the Indian commercial market. With each story, the sense of foreboding grows and so does the raw scare on the horror continuum. To illustrate, at the start there’s a story titled ‘That Fateful Night’ where a doctor and his wife lose their way in the jungle and end up at a spooky haveli not knowing what transpired there eighty years back. We end it with a story titled ‘Dream Girl’ where the protagonist is a psychologically disturbed man who has been rejected and bullied around so much by the opposite sex that he vows to ‘design’ a better girl than any of God’s creations and how does he do that? Simple. He chops the best of body parts of various women and stitches them together.

Having said that, apart from the thirteen core stories, the foreword, the prologue and the epilogue are stories in themselves. The foreword talks about the fear of the unknown entirely through the reader’s perspective, dragging them into the narrative while the prologue and the epilogue have an interesting spooky setting where the authors make an appearance in the former while relaxing in the hills of Musoorie, giving the reader the insight on how the book came about through a casual discussion and in the latter they are seen investigating the ruins of Bhangarh, said to be the most haunted location in India. The same setting also inspired the world’s first animated book cover for the title and it is the introductory scene from the epilogue that the reader sees on the cover.

Irrespective of the fact that the book had perhaps the strongest marketing campaign built for it in recent times, complete with celeb events, caricature designs, social media buzz on Facebook and Twitter, blogger engagement, newsletters, e-commerce involvement, three video teasers, the world’s first animated book cover and the official trailer that was released in select cinema halls, we were always confident that people would love book right from the first page itself and the same has been evident through the reviews and ratings that are flowing in from the media and the readers, in general. For two successive weeks, the book has remained in the Top 20 most read books in India as per the data sourced from Goodreads.

The book is embellished with quotes and one-liners from the classical greats of horror literature with each story having one that acts as a backdrop to it at the beginning. The caricatures that were used as ‘meet-the-character’ tools on social media have been also included in the book sans the text on the image so that they offer a visual feel to the story. Our target is not just your average horror reader. This book is for skeptics and believers alike, for lovers of horror and for someone new to the genre, who we are sure will enjoy the journey into the unknown mingled with the taste of the culture of the country. For before anything else, this book is a tribute to the culture and lore of my motherland.

Faraaz Kazi

The True Faraaz Kazi …

The blue tick arrives. So finally, after all the impersonation that has been going around and all the fake things that have been circulating in my name… Facebook decides to verify the true FK.

Faraaz Kazi The Other Side

Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: contact@faraazkazi.com or on the “contact” – part of his website www.faraazkazi.com.

Review of ‘The Other Side’

Dear readers, thanks for the continued love and support and for making The Other Side the no.1 horror title in India. Yes, a sequel is on the cards!

Shreyan Laha wrote:
I want to send this message to Faraz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee. Your book ‘The Other Side’ is really amazing and I finished the whole book in 2 and a half hours flat. India needs imaginative authors like you and lesser of college storytellers. Real page turning storylines. The story ‘Possession’ was something to look out for most of the horror readers.

Someone share my message on their walls.

Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: contact@faraazkazi.com or on the “contact” – part of his website www.faraazkazi.com.