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Meant to be Together

by Faraaz Kazi

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Read the review of Faraaz Kazi’s latest, here!

One's mad. The other's #Maddy. Meeting this guy after ten years, so told him pehle pic then we'll talk …
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Thank you, Surabhi

Reading ‘Meant to be Together’ by Faraaz Kazi
Couldn’t help but be captivated by the many gems inside. Sharing one such below:

“Have you ever lost someone close to you? Someone who is at the core of your universe, the hero of all your stories…when that happens, it isn’t just the loss of one life, it’s the loss of two lives – one who found another world, perhaps…and one who is left behind. “

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Quoted in TOI’s ‘Thought for Today’ 🙏

Review by Rohit Sharma
Meant to be Together – Faraaz Kazi

The best thing ever to happen to a book lover is to get a book in gift 🙂 and I’ve been pretty lucky on that front. Starting from my daughter to family to friends to our book club members and even some lesser known acquaintances have all gifted me amazing books at one point or another. But the best-est thing to happen to me is to get a book straight from the Author 🙂 like this time too, it was simply fantastic when Faraaz himself messaged me and offered to send his book. I grabbed it with both hands and on top of that I must mention quick that it turns out to be a totally fantastic story. If you have read my earlier posts, you already know that I am big huge Nicholas Sparks fan and a die hard romantic from heart – co-incidentally Faraaz is slated to be India’s Nicholas Sparks 🙂 you see, I was destined to get this book and love it too. Book is about 200+ pages but the story, characters, situations and handling is so amazing (read thrilling) that I raced to the ending in two sittings, how I spent a day in office with book waiting to be finished besides me is a story I will keep for some other day. On top of that I just read that he has written a few more books earlier to this one and the first of those is already getting adapted into a Movie. How awesome it is, I’ve gotta get his earlier books now and read them back to back.

Going by the title it simply sounds like a love story, which it is but other than that it has so much more in it. I guess as an ode to Nicholas Sparks, Priti’s story starts with a flashback, keeps coming back and forth to the present. Her story of troubled childhood, struggle, family situation, Work, Love and Loss and so much more. His characters are so believable and totally life like that I was able to connect with them so well and understand their pain, happiness and even the language 🙂 as the Author uses so many Hindi words and terms generously throughout the story, which works beautifully. Unfortunately the story is written in such a way that if I disclose anything, it will kill the fun for those who would like to read it. Priti’s amazing story of childhood trouble, struggles, survival in a big city like Mumbai with no support or friends. Just when we realize that she has got a great companion the story takes a shocking turn, she still fights hard and how it all ends and what is she destined to get is what you should read this book for. I loved the way he has handled his Mumbai characters, so aptly with the attitude of Work hard and party harder. Especially the way they chill and talk and do things is so real that it sounds like a chapter taken out of my own life and friend circle :), it sent me back to Mumbai and made me miss those friends I have left back.

I must say I have read quite a few books with strong female central character but this one takes the cake as initially how Priti is carved out and how she grows into an amazing woman and leaves no stone upturned in writing her own destiny is totally amazing. As I said that I loved the story and everything else about it but Faraaz has saved the best for the last 🙂 the Epilogue 🙂 which put a huge huge smile on my face. Take a bow Faraaz as that was simply brilliant and now you have a huge fan of your writing in me. Looking forward to his earlier and upcoming books big time.

Edit: The correct book cover :). Earlier I downloaded from Internet and it had a Typo on it.

“I found myself smiling because an Indian author has got my favorite genre right! No cliché plotline, no unnecessary drama, but a plain love story which will make you feel good. Another thing I loved about the book was that it has many quotable quotes”- Blogger Siddhi Palande on MTBT.

Becoming an elephant’s dumbbell.

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Made a new friend!

Don’t miss the kid in the background 😂

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Sharing my version of one of my favourite songs. Can’t believe it has been eight years since this! Miss the days spent in the studio.

“Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be”- Yours truly.

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Trying to find out how much wiser I’ve turned overnight now that I’m thirty! 😈😂
On a serious note, thank you everyone for taking out the time to wish me and making my birthday special. God bless!

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Tuhin A. Sinha: “It is extremely encouraging when the corporate sector and NGOs come forth to support key govt initiatives. Road Safety is one such initiative where immense support has come from all quarters.

Last year, NHP Centre and Mahindra Trucks and Buses Ltd had launched a unique story contest on the theme of Road Safety, aptly called Have A Safe Journey. What follows now is the world’s first collection of short stories on Road Safety. The book has foreword by Shri Nitin Gadkari, a special message by Shri Anand Mahindra. It carries 18 best stories from the contest. In addition some of India’s popular authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Anand Neelakantan, Kiran Manral, Shinie Antony, Pankaj Dubey, Priyanka Sinha Jha among others have contributed stories for this collection. There is a special write up by yours truly as well.

I take this opportunity to thank Sumant Batra and Rajeev Malik for spearheading the project and to everybody else involved with this novel and noble project in some way or the other, especially all the contributors. A special thanks to the publishers, Vikas Rakheja, Rashmi Menon for giving your heart and soul to this. Gratitude is also due to Prerana Singh Chandrawat, Piyush Jha. Faraaz Kazi, Soumyadipta Banerjee among others who were a part of the judging process.

Literature has a big role in changing mindsets. We hope that this book will set the precedent for more literary creations that encourage people to be responsible road users. The order links are available on

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