Meant to be Together

by Faraaz Kazi Get your copy of #MeantToBeTogether on Read the review of Faraaz Kazi’s latest, here! One’s mad. The other’s #Maddy. Meeting this guy after ten years, so told him pehle pic then we’ll talk … madhavan #hugerespect #bollywood #pleasantsurprise Thank you, Surabhi Reading ‘Meant to be Together’ by Faraaz Kazi Couldn’t help … Read more

Faraaz Kazi

photo of The Bestseller Faraaz Kazi

Half A Year In The Life of Faraaz Kazi Creative Writing Workshop by Faraaz Kazi Join us for the HBB Creative Writing Workshop by Faraaz Kazi to learn the art of powerful observation and its effect on the narrative. Book your seat here: creative-writing-and-storytelling-workshop   15 May 2017 The Hindi version of ‘More Than Just … Read more

Litventure, Lux Golden Rose Awards and more …

Will be speaking at Litventure this Saturday at 10 AM. Walk in if you love books and reading them, of course!   Four babies:   14.11.2016 Blue, black and a bit of red. Exploring camera angles with Anushka Sharma.   13.11.2016 At the Lux Golden Rose Awards last night.   Birthday gift toh ab mila … Read more